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⚔️ Top 5 Play Group Stage MSC 2021! ⚔️

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⚔️ Top 5 Play Group Stage MSC 2021! ⚔️

⚔️ Top 5 Play Group Stage MSC 2021! ⚔️

Although the Group Stage has just ended, MSC 2021 is ready to serve you all the exciting battle moments between teams and players in the Land of Dawn.

Ch4knu has managed to outplayed Jazbin who was using Benedetta during the fight! With an excellent move, Ch4nku has successfully trapped Jazbin with “Hurricane Dance”! 🐼

The initiation that was made by Kielvj leaded the team to succeed in stealing Lord, as Kelra finished off neatly! He got the first MANIAC with Harith as his hero! 😱

Oppi was successfully creating tons of mess for Bigetron Alpha, only by using Benedetta as his hero that leaded his team winning the battle. 🗡

The first SAVAGE in MSC 2021 goes to Wightnite, who has successfully knocked down all team players from IDNS one by one, led the team to win the battle and continue their journey in Lower Bracket. ⚰️

Extraordinary is the best word to describe the performance shown by Ferxiic, as he was capable of flipping the situation for his team, getting 2 kills at once with an extreme low-blood lifeline.

What exciting moments will be happening next in Playoffs MSC 2021?

Don’t forget to watch Playoffs MSC 2021 Day 1 on:

📅 Friday, 11 June 2021
⏰ Starting from 13.00 GMT+8

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  1. Very bad server I have to play in EU
    and south America players and lose
    And they say no0b player and report me and moonton dose not even know like I was playing bad how Manny time I have to report to fix this problem no solution my old account also overlapped in that account I played in season 2


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