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Grow and thrive for knowing the game, the lack of support doesn’t broke their spirit to fight.

Being a part of MSC 2021 and acting as representatives of their countries are things to be proud of for the players from RSG MY, TODAK, Blacklist Int and Execration.

MSC 2021 will be a moment for TODAK to perform better than the M1 and M2. This is also the time for RSG MY to show their abilities in the international arena. And a moment for Blacklist Int to achieve their goal of competing and owning in the international arena. Same as Execration who wants to bring home the international trophy back to Philippines.

Watch and support these four teams as they battle it out at MSC 2021:

📅 Group Stage Phase 1 Day 1 – 7 June 2021
⏰ 10.00 (GMT+8) : RSG MY vs RSG SG
⏰ 12.00 (GMT+8) : EVOS Legends vs TODAK
⏰ 14.00 (GMT+8) : Blacklist Int vs Bigetron Alpha
⏰ 16.00 (GMT+8) : EVOS SG vs Execration
⏰ 20.00 (GMT+8) : TODAK vs Cyber EXE

📅 Group Stage Phase 1 Day 2 – 8 June 2021
⏰ 12.00 (GMT+8) : Execration vs Nightmare Esports
⏰ 14.00 (GMT+8) : IDNS vs RSG MY
⏰ 18.00 (GMT+8) : Impunity KH vs Blacklist Int

For more info on MSC 2021 visit our official website:

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50 thoughts on “⭐️CONNECTED BY PRIDE!⭐️

  1. Hi mlbb and Thanks for making some best event of all time the event can't even rest if 1 event end 1 event come till 2020 I lose my credit score to 46 and now 110 than I thank for having teammates and now I am legend now. I'd 737853657 and I am sorry

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  4. I love the mantra "Respect All, Fear None." Though I think the grammatically better way of saying it is "RESPECT EVERYONE, FEAR NO ONE."
    Best of luck to all the teams! Make your country proud!
    Love from 🇵🇭

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  6. SUGGESTIONS!!! Thailand-Laos and Vietnam-Cambodia SHOULD have a MPL, in order for international tournaments like MSC to become more competitive and balance. That is my idea to have a better tournament. Since this regions are on a big tournaments like MSC, they should've atleast a professional competitive experience for a better and entertaining game.
    Like if you agree

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