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#AllforOnic | Onic PH Playoffs Interview | MPL-PH S6

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#AllforOnic | Onic PH Playoffs Interview | MPL-PH S6

Oct 23 AURA Philippines vs ONIC Philippines | 4:30 pm ⏰ LIVE πŸ‘‰
Watch THE AURA PH INTERVIEW to find out what the boys have to say about their fans, opponents, teammates and themselves. Tune in for the Playoffs Oct. 22-25! Quick access below πŸ‘‡

1:02 How is the journey to MPL Season 6?
1:46 What do you think is your team’s biggest obstacle?
2:18 And how are you planning to face your obstacles?
2:55 Wise, how are you preparing for the playoffs?
3:38 Dlar, if you can face anyone in the finals, who would it be?
3:02 Observing the other teams, who are the top 3 best performing players this season?
3:14 Venus, what does it mean for Onic PH to be champions this season?
3:40 Jay, is there’s anything that you’d like to say to this trophy?
3:50 What’s your message to your fans and opponents?

The biggest MLBB battle 🀩 in the Philippines is set to start this Oct. 22-25 πŸ™Œ With 8 teams ready to battle βš”οΈ as they set their goal on becoming this season’s champions! πŸ‘‘ Time to brace yourselves for the most epic MLBB showdown to date in the Philippines! You don’t want to miss any of the exciting action.

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