Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

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Bad Luck Zilong Lag – Mobile Legends WTF Moments Episode 25

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Bad Luck Zilong Lag - Mobile Legends WTF Moments Episode 25

Mobile legends wtf moments aplogize from other video, honestly i take video from another channel. Why? because you know i dont have funny moments i dont have subscribers. I build this channel not serious just upload upload and upload. And then i cant bealive i got a lot viewrs!


Someone has email me with funny moments they have so that all video im not take to another channel youtube. Like Mobile Legends Cinema, Gamer Developer. Im apologize what i did before. 🙂

I hope this channel can be friendly for you guys!. And thanks for you submit your video!

And now i hope i can get your support for this channel, stop hate comment guys, i know i really accept that comments. But now i try to change not stole video again. 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Bad Luck Zilong Lag – Mobile Legends WTF Moments Episode 25

  1. Sir I am also starting on making wtf videos. My question is how can I avoid copyright strike when I used nocopyrightsound, how to give credits to the owner properly pls noticed me sir I really hope you could help me with this matter. By the way sir this is my channel kindly watch my videos and please tell me what to do please sir.

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