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Bangkit – An MPL-MY/SG Web Series Episode 5

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Bangkit - An MPL-MY/SG Web Series Episode 5

In the upcoming episode, Johan is encouraged by his father to move on. He gathers his thoughts and makes a steadfast decision to continue fulfilling his passion to become the best MLBB player. However, Johan desperately needs to find a team!

15 thoughts on “Bangkit – An MPL-MY/SG Web Series Episode 5

  1. Hello Moonton
    I am a Mobile Legend Bang Bang game player.
    For some reason, I suggest moonton make some changes to the heroes. Because some heroes have been too strong in the current season such as Cecilion, Ling, Granger, … after reducing the power is still too strong in the current season. Therefore, I would like to make some recommendations to empower some outdated heroes. My changes are as follows:
    1 Miya: This hero has been released for a long time. After adjusting this hero skill set, it is not only stronger but also weaker, so I would like to give my opinion to change this hero without infringing the copyright of another game. . . . .
    Skill 1: Freezes surrounding targets to deal physical damage 250 (+90), freeze duration lasts 2 seconds and increases 30% movement speed instantly.
    Skill 2: Launches an arrow in a designated area, dealing physical damage 250 (+140) per wave, maximum of 5 waves. is a slow enemy that has a movement speed of 70% for 3 seconds.
    Skill 3: Stealth for 3 seconds increases 55% movement speed, 45% attack speed, instantly removes all crowd control effects. If HP is below 50%, it will increase the ability to suck blood by 20%.
    Passive: Miya has the ability to stack attack speed, each basic attack increases 8% attack speed, up to 40%. When the attack speed is full 40%, miya's attack is capable of firing multiple targets at the same time, up to 3 targets, the damage will also increase by 20%.
    Above are some ideas for changing hero Miya, if Moonton publisher accepts my opinion, I will give some other ideas.
    Thank you !!!
    Vu Xuan Manh

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