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best hero in mobile legends 2020 – Few funny moments while explaining(dont wtf until you watch all)

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best hero in mobile legends 2020 - Few funny moments while explaining(dont wtf until you watch all)

Best hero in mobile legends 2020 Yes I am playing mobile legends(ml or mlbb) or you can just say Mobile legends bang bang or some prefer to call it a mobile legend and me here in this video explaining what is the best hero to play in mobile legends you can even play this hero Estes in ranked mode, not just classic and your gonna crush all I would be glad if you leave a comment, like and share down I worked very hard making this content so yea that would be great to see my word was not gone for anything! There were so many debates where I should play mobile legends or just do this educational video but I guess after a lot of thinking I came to conclusion to make this awesome education video that I hope will be shared to many people in this world I want people to see my hard work not going for nothing because many videos are negated by youtube algorithm but I am hoping this is an exception I did try before it another video and now learning youtube SEO stuff and hope this gets boosted by SEO so hard Then again writing 5000 words is really hard some people get paid like 100$ to write things and here I am writing them for you guys and even correcting most of the mistakes tell me any video topic you want me to do next? I will be happy to make them for you my email or business email: abbeywilson198@gmail.com You see my main course is a nurse but due to environmental factor I became a YouTuber and I hope this earn enough money to support my self so that I become a normal person We all tr to be something and this is what I want to be and I am trying to learn every day more and more hopefully one day I will learn so many things about being a YouTuber My family doesn’t believe in me even now when I was accepted in youtube monetization but I still have hope in life guys that is why I am still here trying to upload a video every single day and trying to make each one unique with a different topic. Youtube is an exciting platform and I like to be one of the pro YouTubers so help me achieve this goal guy. have fun sending me all your thoughts and opinion there and let us change the world together as a family Mobile legends are one of my best games and it will always be that is why I put a lot of effort in it kinda. I tried over 100 times to think of a topic to choose and here I have found one I made over 200 videos before those in my channel but had to delete them due to youtube monetization law but again it was helpful I learned so many things since that time an I never gave up on my dreams so as you. Never give up on what you believe is true and keep fighting until one day you achieve your dreams. youtube is my passion now so as it should be for you. All I ask is that you guys watch me and help me grow and enjoy watching me as I grow slowly give me your opinions on how to grow so yea !. Let me explain about mobile legends in case it is the first time you playing it: mobile legends is a game where 5 v5 people play and it has 3 lanes and more like many heroes each with different skills and roles and you have to take a hang of the game as there is emblems/builds and battle spells so yea it is not that simple game even if you think it is but it aint. Many people even until now are still stuck in the lowest rank trying to be boosted or improve and if you here watch my gameplays you will improve in this game and beat others players and I am so serious if you see my win rate is over 60% now and is good even though it is improving to go over 75% sometimes so it depends near a global player and I will achieve soon global as I am playing each day 2 ranked games. I mean if I had the time and very good internet all the time and no interruptions from my parents I would be playing more and rank up way much easier but yea it is okay I am patient enough can wait more as long as improve every day and give it a try then there is nothing wrong from waiting! I learned that lesson and that is how I am even uploading this video and not fearing writing five thousand words and those words really are coming from my heart I mean I do all the work in my channel my self after I am the main User now you can call me “Prince” “Handsome” “Ground” “Demon” MWHAHAHAHHAHAHA *coughs* PrinceHandsomeGroundDemon Twitter: Instagram:h ttps://www.instagram.com/princesskawaiiskyangel/ Linkedin: Tumblr: Pinterest: Reddit : Facebook Page: Facebook Group: #bestheroinmobilelegends2020 #bestheroinmobilelegends #ml #mlbb #mobilelegend #mobilelegends #mobilelegendsbangbang #mobilegaming #mobilelegendswtf #mobilelegendsfunny #mobilelegendsadventure #mobile #mobilelegends2020 #bestgame #2020#

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