Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

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Diggie is the Mirror God [funny moments]

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Diggie is the Mirror God [funny moments]

26 thoughts on “Diggie is the Mirror God [funny moments]

  1. Dear SageMl,
    *I see the improvement,you deserve more subscriber than MOBILE LEGEND TV,I am not doing this because I want your attention,I'm just saying the truth.Keep up the good work man.And if you want to add this is my IGN : RainYuanGamerpro My IGN
    sucks its like I'm saying I'm pro or some sort of boastful,that's my IGN because I created my account when I was a kid so yeah
    I'm like cancer lol.Never give up men,I'm waiting for more videos.Hope you reach your dream and I wish your YouTube channel becomes famous,yet if there's hate comments Ignore them.They're just jealous because your a great person.Love your videos
    ,and can you upload some game plays of yours?.I don't care if its noob or pro gameplay,all I am happy about is that you posted.
    Again,reach your dreams don't give up.*

    -God bless you
    -Greetings from Philippines
    -Are you a Filipino? Eh nvm.

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