Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

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[EN] The First MLBB All Star Showmatch

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[EN] The First MLBB All Star Showmatch

The long-awaited MLBB All Star Showmatch 2020 is finally here! Let us watch the amazing battles between Team Naim Daniel and Team Shalma Eliana together with your favourite influencers! Watch and win permanent LEGEND skins!!!
Predicted Match Schedule
07:00pm Caster Opening & Team Introduce (Giveaway)
07:15pm Match Time (BO5 First Half, Giveaway after each match)
08:15pm Halftime Break (Music Video)
08:30pm Match Time (BO5 Second Half, Giveaway after each match)
10:00pm After-Match Interview (Final Giveaway)
Join our livestream now
# send your MLBB Server ID and Player ID in the comment;
# We’ll pick 30 lucky stars to send one of these LEGEND and EPIC skins!
Alucard Obsidian Blade
Gord the Conqueror
Gusion Cosmic Gleam
Chou Dragon Boy
Harith Evos
Nana Mecha Baby
#MLBBAllStarMY #MLBBAllStarBringItOn

39 thoughts on “[EN] The First MLBB All Star Showmatch

  1. I am less interested in the legendary mobile game because of the credit score limit. I am bored because I can't play classic because my credit score is below 60 and it is difficult to raise curry My credit score limit is maximal (3X). please reconsider the moonton😁

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