Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Gatotkaca New Skin | Sentinel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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Gatotkaca New Skin | Sentinel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

What resides in his hand, is the fate of galaxies.
Gatotkaca new skin Sentinel will be available soon.
Have a quick look at the teaser trailer now!
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41 thoughts on “Gatotkaca New Skin | Sentinel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. Moonton fxck! All u want is just our money isn't?? Don't make me hate this fxcking game.. Dont u realize that the rare(pink) skin fragment is fxcking hard to obtain rn? Just change it back normally, where we just can easily claim it by share 2 battle report every time when there are new hero/skin appear in shop. Please understand that not all people in this fxcking game is rich af! That all from me, im sorry if my english sucks

  2. ML please move the Sentinel to shop instead of Lucky spin. In that case… many will be able to buy it. Also many are playing Gatot right now and only less than 1/5 of those will be able to buy that skin. If you will put it to shop and sell it for about 1000 diamonds …. You can gain more profit because more will buy it about 5% more than you can earn from lucky spin. Plus new players with lots of money will be able to buy it

  3. Hello moonton poxa I am very upset the game ta giving many lags in question of ms instead of you ma give skins and characters try to clean these lags because I can not get to the epic because of this and still you take our points of trust being that You're wrong, thank you so much for your attention

  4. Rework the saber legend skin…. Its not worth it in comparison to skin epic nowadays… You make skin epic more worth buying and your legend skin is not worth it if you compare to something like gatotkaca – sentinel😡

  5. They should make a samurai hero and he's name is musashi miyamoto a tribute to japan's greatest samurai hi skill are
    Skill 2 is samurai stance ( its name could be change) description:he enters in a samurai stances where he uses he's sword to do a hanzos(soul mode) 2nd skill but more powerful the more enemy the more damage he dealt and the more life steal he gets
    Skill 3 is harakiri where where he lose half of his health for attack damage movement speed and attack speed
    Skill 1 is a dash like sabers dash but this time he will equip his sword to use skill 2 and 3 for his passive its more enemy around you the faster your attack speed gets and for his skill for skill 2 and skill 3 without skill one activation is your choice to add like this one so moontoon can read i will comment this in moontoons vids

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