Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

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Hanabi’s New Skin | Rakshesha | Mobile Legends:Bang Bang!

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Hanabi’s New Skin | Rakshesha | Mobile Legends:Bang Bang!

She’s the flower of phantom on the shore of death. She’s the Rakshesha who takes away people’s sanity. She could adverse the currents of the Acheron and she could dominate everything in the world.
The all-new Hanabi’s Skin is about to be released! Take a sneak peek at it!
P.S. What’s your opinions about Hanabi’s new Skin? Why don’t you tell us in the Comment Area?

38 thoughts on “Hanabi’s New Skin | Rakshesha | Mobile Legends:Bang Bang!

  1. Hey moonton, could you add the option to hide team chat or the entire chat entirely?

    cause either the enemy team or ally team is always swearing and its very distracting please add this suggestion.

  2. new skin for Kadita please!
    Red dress skin <3
    Southern Queen, red-gold dress (reddish water effect / red sea)
    Ocean Goddess, green-gold dress (greenish water effect)
    Atlantean Princess, blue dress (blue water effect)
    White Robin, white dress (white-gold water effect)

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