Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

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HOW TO KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT SECURE? | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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HOW TO KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT SECURE? | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Failed to load your account on a new device?
Worrying about account hack?
Found it difficult to retrieve and switch accounts?

Watch the video and follow Gusion to learn how to keep your account hack-proof.
Problems solved!
You can connect your account to get Ticket reward as well!

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36 thoughts on “HOW TO KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT SECURE? | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. clap clap still got hacked… I dont live in indonesia nor my isp is based there but someones accessing my account there and trying to change my password fun fact i never shared my account with anyone bravo my bp, tickets were all used to buy trash, plus he deranked my account by alot, plis i now have indonesian friends i have no clue whom.

  2. I connected my account in moontoon. And after seasons not playing, my account was compromised. Flag has been change and have to spend 1000 diamonds to revert it back.

    Best way to connect devices is facebook.

  3. I mean this video is just an insult. I have changed my email address, used a random strong password generator, enabled 2 step verifications and yet someone still logs into my account every now and again, using my BP and diamonds and getting reported in games 🙃 not to mention your support is totally useless, and fail to understand the issue. Clearly your servers are being compromised. Instead of making videos like this how about sort the actual issue out…

  4. I binded my acc to moonton, google and fb. The hacker still managed to hack through ‘VK’ acc which i didn’t set up. Still no reply from moonton regards to the issue though. Lucky for me the hacker let go of my acc (he unbind his VK acc) after a few days.

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