Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Inside Mobile Legends | Patch 1.3.14 Spotlight | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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Inside Mobile Legends | Patch 1.3.14 Spotlight | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Check out the third episode of #InsideMobileLegends where #MobileLegendsBangBang developers talk about the changes in the latest patch and the exciting new content that’s coming out soon!

30 thoughts on “Inside Mobile Legends | Patch 1.3.14 Spotlight | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. This is a cheat money and no balance of the game, do not indulge, the company official can not solve the problem of plug-in, even if you are a master came here ready to let the plug to die, some people do not care is because not often encountered, but also very no sense of their strength, I play for two years, advised you back is a good life

  2. Montoon pls nake people AFK will lost 20 credit score and I agree people will ban 20 min of AFK. I'm suggest you to make lost 20 credit score because this will make those people cannot play rank.
    Sometimes people AFK in rank and after he back he play rank and AFK again! Thats so annoying.
    Or you can make warning to all player before play rank. Thats warning says:
    Your ping is above 500ms. Are u still wanna play rank?
    Pls make it because it's will make people can remember their ping is not ok πŸ™‚
    I'm really angry people AFK in rank and classic!!
    Before I'm play rank I'm make sure I have free time and anyone cannot disturbing me for playing rank πŸ™‚

  3. I hate assassin.U know why?
    1.kill steal
    2.farming too much
    3.useless without buff
    4.buff more important then winning the game(assassin user says)
    5.1vs1 always run
    6.assasin will say everyone noob but when 1vs1 run. wtf is that!!
    7.not push
    8.kill more important then winning(assassin user says)
    9.too over confident wanna fight 1vs5 .after a few seconds…die.

    This is reason why im hate assasin

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