Mon. May 10th, 2021

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Kaja new skin | Kaminari | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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Kaja new skin | Kaminari  | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Control thunderstorms.
Jun. starlight exclusive skin, Kaja Kaminari will be available soon.
Have a quick look at the teaser trailer now!
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35 thoughts on “Kaja new skin | Kaminari | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. I've been saying this for a long time but they really should implement the fog of war, I cant understand why they haven't implemented it in 5v5 when they have already used it in survival mode. Pls moontoon implement fog of war in 5v5 mode

  2. LAWNTOWN YT. . 6 minutes ago (edited). . I got an idea of a new hero lol
    Name: Fredden-The VOLCANOES MAGMA LORD
    The base becomes a volcano
    Passive: gives his allies and himself a small amount of magma shield if they are on level 1-10and also all towers and your base.

    Skill 1: Spread the burn- cooldown 7 sec. makes the base erupts and fireballs hits all of the enemies dealing true damage

    Skill 2: obsidians power- cooldown 15 sec. gives the minnions good amount of armor.

    Ultimate- The ultimate ending- erupts all volcanoes in the land of dawn and makes all fireballs hit the enimies towers and the enemies and their minnions except for the enemies base and heals his allies half percent of health their health

    Story: sorry i need to make it short
    So Fredden was a crimminal in his town he likes volcanoes so he made a home there but it suddenly erupted and making him fall in the volcano. Many years later he became awake and was confused that he was sitting on a throne. He noticed that he was the king of the magma world. He didnt want to live there anymore because it was so dangerous so he decided to go in the land of dawn to find his new home.. . .

  3. Sun: A monkey -> Human

    Aldous: a giant drill -> hellboi -> a disciple of lord

    Kaja: a tank -> a support -> a guardian -> still a support -> a commandment -> a god

    Nana : a cat girl > a support -> -a loli -> a mage

    Johnson: a sports car -> jeep

    Lunox: a mage of order and chaos -> an urban legend

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