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Legends Never Die! PUBG Mobile Sniper Montage My Best Moments #5!

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Legends Never Die! PUBG Mobile Sniper Montage My Best Moments #5!

Legends Never Die! PUBG Mobile Montage My Best Moments #5!
#PUBG #PUBGMobile #Ibe


Legends Never Die:

Editor: Inshot, iMovie, Adobe
Screen Recorder: IOS Screen Rec.
Device: iPhone 7
Game: PUBG Mobile
PUBG Ingame name: NotIbe

This montage is definitely one of my most successful and unique. Besides the factor of it mostly articulating faster shots then my 100,000 subscriber montage and including more diverse gameplay (playing with more fans), it follows along with the message of the music perfectly. You have some really clutch plays against very skillful players in Asia FPP (diamond-ace), 360,720, and 1080 trick shots, flicks (drag scopes), Some of my most unbelievably fast quick scopes, car shots, 300-400 meter shots, and troll clips/glitches. Instead of likes and views which I believe this video very much deserves over the amount of satisfaction and hard work it reveals, I am looking for the only thing I truly find as a important statistic on YouTube: Comments. 10,000 comments would be amazing and I would try to read as many as possible. Otherwise I believe this montage will change my life after how well the 100k montage had done. I LOVE U GUYS REMEMBER THAT AND I WILL KEEP ON DOING WHAT I DO AND COMMUNICATING WITH U GUYS AS LONG AS U #StayWithMe . 1 1/2 weeks to gather all the clips, 350+ clips, 105+ in the montage, 5 hours of clips, practically a 7 minute video… ENJOY!

Hey Guys, Thanks for watching and I hope all of you had enjoyed. Of course, Subscribe and turn on your Notifications if you haven’t! biubiu dynamo gaming

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