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Magic Chess 1st Anniversary Season | Patch Spotlight | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Magic Chess 1st Anniversary Season | Patch Spotlight | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Magic Chess 1st Anniversary Season!
2 new Roles: Gunner and Swordsman, 6 new Factions, new Synergy with stunning visual effects, new feature: Blessing, over 15 new heroes, and MORE!
Also, heroes will battle with their cool skins.


40 thoughts on “Magic Chess 1st Anniversary Season | Patch Spotlight | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  1. This is the worst update ever made by moonton… They put skin to all hero. WTF. Not all players memorize the skin. Sometimes you have to tap on the picture for you to know who it is. Very Bad. Actually I'm on Mythical Glory before update. I think its time to stop playing.

  2. there is a bug when using commander eva’s supplication. because of blessing that triggers a synergy of 2-hero requirement, it wont trigger the supplication that require only 1 max synergy to activate. still no fix since advance server. so supplication is useless. lol

  3. Disgusting update. You have broken chess, now all chess has become uncomfortable and broken. You have downgraded a horse to such an extent that this character becomes unplayable. And your raven generally calmly holds the top 1 place. You've ruined the chess genre. Now the most popular and powerful character is the raven who simply calmly objects to the deceased hero at any stage of the game. Conny, with her first ability, must wait for the preparation stage, and after another 4 turns after using the ability. You have implemented chess awfully. You are mediocre

  4. Hi. Your blessing system is unfair.Why others are getting 3 or more while others getting none? I have several instances getting no blessing for my last 5 games.Magic chess is enjoyable however make it fair like getting first 2 star hero automatically gets you random blessing. I had 6 level 2 and 1 level with no blessing?

  5. I hate this new magic chess.. The sistem of blessing is not fair especially blessing star.. I hope moonton can fix this to be better and more fair.. More player have skill to play but unlucky with the blessing system..

  6. Hello, would you do something with the game, maybe what? I mean, what kind of difficult opponents are you serious? I have the Chempion range and my friend of the arch master and you give us a mithic to the squad, it's not normal no words 😡😡😡 do something about it because people spend money on your game and it's a lot of money and you fund us something in return? For me to play 30 ranked matches and only win 3 of them, it's sick, you are normal, you are not lacking in words if you do not correct it, I will report it somewhere, because I will not leave it like this.

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