Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

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Matchmaking Optimization | Operation Attention | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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Matchmaking Optimization | Operation Attention | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Overpowered enemies? Huge rank gap? Solo queue matched with multi queue?
What have we done to solve these problems? Check out the video to learn more!

49 thoughts on “Matchmaking Optimization | Operation Attention | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. There are TWO MAJOR ISSUE in MOONTON matchmaking system.
    1st. Matchmaking in solo player was really awful, for example some player from your team left the game (AFK) in minutes 5-7. When you trying to surrender the game count it as DEFEAT.

    2nd. Although you said that matchmaking will be optimized the game still sucks. When some player playing solo like me, always meet horrible team, in the other hand, the opponents team way too good.
    Please fix this.

    For the sake of your LOYAL PLAYER. Thank you.

    Note: Hope my comment being seen by moonton

  2. Hey, yesterday i playing rank, my teammate none of them know how to use tank including me, all the hero they most use are assasin mage fighter marksman, i suggest the matchmakin system like most player using role like tank meet player that using hero other than tank. Like tank meet mage mm fighter assasin or supoort

  3. Moonton I realized Angela's healing effects for shanghai maiden(orange flames from the first skill) was gone, it makes the skin overall plain , could you bring that effect back ? Cause I really saved for this skin for more than 2 years , and as a Angela main I'm really disappointed if all my efforts have gone to waste . I hope you can bring back the effects lacking from the starlight skin cause I really want to continue having motivation playing this game apart from the terrible matchmaking and toxic environment right now. Thanks and I hope you consider my proposal ❀️
    I've been playing mobile legends since early 2017 so I'm a long time playerπŸ€— i would like to continue sticking by to see the future evolutions of this game
    Edit : the new update looks promising hope to have more fun playing ml, and yes don't forget to bring back the skill effects :')

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