Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

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Merdeka | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Merdeka | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Let’s watch on how these 3 friends, Iman, Lim, and Raju together unite to solve the problems they faced while practicing the new norm and trying to break the Covid-19 chain that hit their beloved country.

Remember, always practice:
– Physical distancing
– Wear your face mask
– Wash your hands often

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24 thoughts on “Merdeka | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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  2. Well done Mobile Legends for show casing exactly how you shouldn't behave during the pandemic.

    Nobody wears their mask properly, almost everyone is touching their face after handling potentially contaminated objects i.e money/phone/bicycle handlebars without sanitising their hands.

    Almost every scene is a perfect example of how to violate SOP. Thumbs up, maybe this is secretly a documentary of how a cluster is formed, at least if they get sick they can contact trace via the durian stall's mysejahtera xD

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