Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! 5v5 MAP Change & Update

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! 5v5 MAP Change & Update

In next update, we’ve made a further optimization on 5v5 map, including some adjustment on Jungle Monsters and Jungle area layout. We added a new jungle monster – Hermit Crab in front of the Lord and Turtle, which can restore HP for the player who kills it. Check the video below to view more details about it.

48 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! 5v5 MAP Change & Update

  1. Please help me, when I play on my phone starting the game or in the middle I get "loading" and reboots to where the game starts and doing all the time, try to reset my cel and to a haci, uninstall and intale also did not work.

  2. hey name in game is [R7] VIP i have play your game 1year and i like it i want apply admin at the game i love the Mobile Legends game i m Good Player Of top 1000 [joke] i hope i get admin and i support your game seeya

  3. hey devs,can you add more colour in the map,the map looks so boring because of same colour,u should make the the blue team side with green colour and red team with dark colour,and the jungle also,the map now looks like mud and too bright..

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