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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Fanny New Skin | Skylark |

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Fanny New Skin | Skylark |

Searching for the mysterious ancient battle techniques, Fanny once traveled into the mountains of the east.
After she had finally completed her training, she came back with a new look – Skylark.
The brand new Fanny Epic Skin is coming out in two weeks! #MobileLegendsBangBang #MLBBNewSkin

30 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Fanny New Skin | Skylark |

  1. Can i have a skin modena butter fly and sweet fantasy and give my brother sky lark my name is pak 1 ang his name is JD2124 and his good at fanny he reach mythic and always ger savage and miniac and rank is it true that theres going to be an age limit pleas give use the skin we wanted pleas i realy need it and he also need i do anything just pleas give me a modena butter fly skin pleas and skylark for my brother i dont give hima gift on his birth day and my gift is skylark and deliver it on november 21 tahs his birth day and deliver mine tommorow pleas im begging you pleas i di antthin in ml tk get thos skins bexouse his good at fanny and ime good at miya pleas thats a deal pleas pleas deliver mine tomorrow in the morning

  2. I think it would have look better if the Cables were like some kind of cloth just like in the animation theres a red kind of fabric or somethin like that or maybe purple since thats the color theme of the skin.

  3. I really love this skin i cant buy it because its too expensive 🙁

    why are you people dont aprreciate how moontoon did?
    how about you, people say your hardwork was trash……

    it really hurts when people say to your own hard work is bad / trash / waste

    So stop saying the skin is not worth it, you didnt know you are not worth it playing this game

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