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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Gusion New Skin |Hairstylist|

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Gusion New Skin |Hairstylist|

The wicked-fast assassin just became more wicked.Outmaneuver his foes. Eliminate them in one devastating blow.
#Gusion – the all-new Hairstylist skin makes its debut next week!
#MobileLegendsBangBang #MLBBNewSkin

46 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Gusion New Skin |Hairstylist|

  1. This something not to many people know, but this skin is based of a comic book call “Sweeney Todd the demon barber on Fleet Street” based of a true and long time ago this guy was real, he would cut people’s hair like a normal barber but when a customer came in with goods, he will cut their hair than tell them that he (Sweeney) would leave and go to a room and pull a lever to make the person sitting on the chair fall down into a pit, that’s just a fragment of the story, sorry if wanted to know more but I can’t be bothered writing it and I only know this cause my English teacher picked this book

  2. Its late but this gusion skin idea came from the movie (Sweeney Todd-The demon barber of the fleet street) i watched this movie a few years ago then i came back cuz i realise of the gusion skin hair
    Umm thats all i can share

    Edit:Guinevere name came from Anne of green gables

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