Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Jawhead New Skin |Space Explorer|

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Jawhead New Skin |Space Explorer|

#Jawhead Explores The Universe As An Astronaut! Come and Explore the space with him!
#Jawhead’s new skin Space Explorer is coming soon!
Participate in the upcoming Event, get MSC Tournament Medals and exchange for the Skin!
#MobileLegendsBangBang #MLBBNewSkin

46 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Jawhead New Skin |Space Explorer|

  1. moontoon saya user martis tolong skill 2 martis di kembalikan seperti semua bnyak user martis yg sangat kecewa karena kemampuan martis yg kuat di skill 2 kalo di nerf jadi sampah hero ini dan sangat kecewa udah beli skinnya gak sedikit user martis apa mau auto uninstall ml jgan hero baru terus hero2 lama di perhatikan martis cuman 3skin tapi di nerf tidak lah adil user martis kecewa berat…..

  2. hey mobile legend youtube team next time when you release a footage of upcoming skins or heroes don't just mention "coming soon" please also mention when exactly will that particular skins or heroes will be released. you've release jawhead space explorer before you release angela new skin. however in the game there was already a hint about angela skin and nothing about jawhead new skin! does this sounds fair to you?

  3. When I logged a while, we can get jawhead special skin now. Cost 14000 tournament medals. I made 11 transactions (49php each transaction) continuously which gives 1000 tournament medals every transaction but 12th was denied. Maybe bcuz limitations for no. of transaction I made in a day. Just needed 3 transactions to go. I really love this, gonna get anyhow

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