Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Jungle Tutorial will be live!

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Jungle Tutorial will be live!

t’s well-known that Jungling plays a great role in MOBA games. Have you fully understood what kinds of jungle monsters we have and what they can provide you? Jungle tutorial will be live in patch 1.1.90. Finishing the tutorial will also give you a good bunch of BPs! Let’s go jungle!

41 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Jungle Tutorial will be live!

  1. Única coisa ruim dessa selva é essa tartaruga, não consigo gostar desse monstro na jungle, poderia ser algo mais interessante. Um dragão seria muito melhor mas nem precisa ser um ser um dragão contanto que seja algo interessante…

  2. The concept is fine, basically "jungle but also support your team" problem with that is that very few heroes can do that effectively and actually if I had to name the hero for that I would just point out Fanny. This kind of tutorial will probably increase the amount of afk junglers in lower skill brackets and using Hilda for the tutorial isn't also very smart imho because she shouldn't be used as a jungler. If anything I would use something like Saber which should be fine for a new player. Also consider adding the crab to the tutorial, since you are teaching people about jungle stuff you might aswell teach all of it 🙂

  3. Rigged tutorial… Here is some advice and some guidance for you if you need it. At Turtle spawning part you had 'Refresh' spelt wrong. When Tigreal (Blue) vs Tigreal (Red) spawn at mid lane, make Tigreal (Red) face Tigreal (Blue) not both facing the same 45° direction and also enable the Tigreal (Red) to escape instead of just letting him standing there feeding purposely. When Lord is pushing the mid lane, make the 3 other heroes (Eudora, Balmond and Nana) push together instead of just running into the Red Base and stand still the whole time till the end not even doing anything. Advice for this video: Make the change in scene more smoother and flowing instead of joining parts by parts. It's too obvious that two parts is joined together without any detailed editing. Making the game appears to be lagging quite badly for several times. Good thing to know that you guys are planning to help the starters more in game. Keep up the good work.

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