Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

We love Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Mangangasong Lobo Roger PH

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Mangangasong Lobo Roger PH

Ang Video Voiceover ay hatid sa inyo ng opisyal na panauhin ng MLBB: Franz “KaliKot” Chan ng Pilipinas

48 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Mangangasong Lobo Roger PH

  1. Ya'll people should STOP COMPLAINING!! MLBB Devs Are'nt Robots that can go fast and upgrade the game so fast, they are people too! They're doing it SLOWLY BUT SURELY and if you want to delete the game just go delete it! watch how MLBB will turn into a successful MOBA in mobile..

  2. wtf? Instead of making shitty guides, you guys should fix the lag immediately because we cannot enjoy the game to its fullest, I hope that someday… we can play the game LAG FREE and BUTTERY SMOOTH just like what we players expected before we installed the effing game. You just keep on updating the game, adding more non-unique heroes which are usually copied from lol, shitty skins, rigged luckyspins etc. while the servers and the game itself is rotting, you guys should prioritize developing things that would make the gameplay even better, not the things that would help you to scam more money. I'll better play VG again than this Mobile Legends Bang Bang? (the f does the mean?). I'm excited for the 5v5 map which will be implemented sooner 😍😍

  3. Did everyone notice the target aiming is changed too since update. I keep chasing Enemy that far away yet there's Enemy near me. I died a lot from that both the Turrets too. Especially while in team fight.

  4. Fuck that game me and my ten friends playing this game before the end of season 1 but now its going to season 4 too much update and very fast adding hero thats why the mb of game is vey high like 780mb in my cp thats why me and my friend decision to play hero arena and btw late we rate the game in 1 star in playstore bcuz too much update and too nuch lag and very slow loading when i was reconnecting game 4mins when go back to room so hard if mobile legend fix it fast we go back to this game

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