Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mustang Johnson! #MLBBNewHero

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mustang Johnson! #MLBBNewHero

Yes, you got it right, he is a powerful TANK!
With a heavy-duty body, he can handle tons of damage;
At close range damage, he can stun enemies – but the most important thing is: he can take your teammates along on an accelerated attack!

The Video Voiceover is provided by MLBB’s Official Specially Invited Guest: Ass_Dave from the United States

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20 thoughts on “Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mustang Johnson! #MLBBNewHero

  1. Wow, the original Johnson sucked. 1st skill is useless, 2nd skill is kinda cool but I like the current 2nd skill, 3rd skill is probably the still the same. I remember the time Johnson was revamped, everyone is actually afraid of him, but thanks to new heroes he's very low on the ban priority.

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