Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Necromancer Vexana ID

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Necromancer Vexana ID

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20 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Necromancer Vexana ID

  1. the ultimate sucks, the puppet is useless dealing damage like minions, no intelligence, only useful for taking damage from turrets. Can't do a proper damage and like every mage heroes lacks escape ability. Alice can kill her with ease which doesn't make sense as she is queen of abyss, and Alice should be much weaker if you read the background story. She will be forgotten like any other useless heroes like YSS, Cyclops, etc, etc. BTW. all your new heroes sucks… Take time and make good heroes rather than launching shitty heroes and improve your English…. Peace ()/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. vexana is definitely useless, especially in ranked game. the video shown above probably is just only in match up mode and its powerful skill cannot be locked onto an enemy properly and let enemy take advantage to escape quickly. Its ulti only does a little damage and not effective, which makes it very difficult to master. If this is a useful mage, why not try to make its skill more effective like Eudora?

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