Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Fortress Titan Grock| First Look

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Fortress Titan Grock| First Look

No matter if it’s in the Laynster mountains, or in the Gloomy Cemetary, Fortress Titan #Grock is always protecting what he believes in. Come to help Grock complete his mission! #MobileLegends #MLBBNewHero

45 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Fortress Titan Grock| First Look

  1. From mage to tank, I've been using Gatot Kaca for 1 week and i always win and rarely defeated if my team where stupid and noobs.

    And i guess, ill buys this new hero.

    Srry Bad english.

    Who wants to team up with me?
    Here's my ID: 47285610 (2080)
    Player's name: Killer Smile

  2. Subscribe Done !
    Like Mobile Legends : Bang Bang (MLBB) Indonesia Facebook Fanspage Done
    Id : 71807161(2132)
    Nick : X.ηαλυα
    Slogan Dari saya untuk new hero Grock :
    1. Your attack power too low for me
    2. One Skills Powerful defend for my team
    3. Kill me if you can
    Moga dapet hadiahnya

  3. The slogan is
    1 . " Nothing can stop me to kill you cause im a beast "
    2 . " You cant defeat me cause youre my minion "
    3 . " i'll make sure you will be defeat "
    4 . " Im a king of the king "
    5 . " Im your Nightmare HAHAHAHA(devil's laugh)
    6 . " Im the greatest "
    7 . " Youre dead "
    8 . " I'll teach you how to fight "
    9 . " Youre mine "
    10 . " You should be scared cause im gonna kill you now "
    My name : DanialZ (lvl20)
    # i forgot my server

  4. id = 63189636 (2027)
    ini hero keliatan kalem dri mukanya tpi jangan salah dlu.. meskipun kalem kalem kya bebatuan.. ini hero sangat berguna buat tim.. damagenya pun lumayan sakit sakit sakit nyeri aaauhh… dan saya lihat di beberapa percobaan oleh pemain pro.. hero ini bisa menang lawan fighter yg katanya kuat seperti zilong dan sun

    slogan yg cocok pastinya
    "tembok ku pelindung tim ku.. tembok ku penghalang musuh ku "

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