Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Lost Star – Karrie| Gameplay

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Lost Star - Karrie| Gameplay

The Video Voiceover is provided by MLBB’s Official Specially Invited Guest: Ass_Dave from the United States

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47 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Lost Star – Karrie| Gameplay

  1. His name is Licious. Lucious the demon from hell he is an assasin/mage he has a katana which glows mint green.his passive is called now i rise now you fall his passive allows him to teleport anywhere when he is low hp. His skill 1 is called the flames of hell it is where he fires 6 fire balls then you can tap it again and the enemy will be stuned second skill he becomes invisible for 5 seconds and his movement speed will increase then his third skill he throws his sword up then the sword will hit the weakest opponent and he will be able to dash to the sword.he will look like this. He will have wings colored black then he will be wearing a tuxedo colored black and the tie will be green and he will be wearing a black vizor hope you use my idea and his name is based on my third name

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