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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Nightstalker Argus| Gamep

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Nightstalker Argus| Gamep

#Argus, Nightstalker is a fighter with high damage potential and strong roaming ability. As soon as Argus has gap closed with an enemy, he is able to utilize his high damage and sustain to beat the enemy. 😈😈

46 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! New Hero |Nightstalker Argus| Gamep

  1. Rework argus please his count control was sooo hard too use i like to rework that hero wen i use his ulte may enemy was running but argus its to slow and mimute on his ulte was to lonnggg and his first was too hard to i wish his firt and his ulte rework

  2. He is the great swordsmaster with great power. An angel who fell and rose again to be a dark immortal killing machine that can destroy all light from the world and all who dared to battle him. He can defeat anyone even if his opponent is Fighter, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, Tank or support in one blow. He is a: Master, Partner, Freind, Ally, Knight, Angel, Traitor, Betrayer, Immortal, Devil…

    We all know him

  3. Add a new hero

    Role: Tank/Fighter
    Specialty: Charge/Push


  4. i wish they rework Argus

    My rework suggestions:

    2nd Skill:
    If they get hit by the 2nd of Argus, you and your team can see the enemy you've been hit for 5sec

    3rd Skill:
    Plus 20% or 15% movement speed will be added to Argus

    (BTW, i like your argus passive rework)

    thank you :*

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