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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! New Hero |Wings of Vengance| Pharsa

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! New Hero |Wings of Vengance| Pharsa

Homeland invaded, family slaughtered, the dormant magic power of young #Pharsa has been awakened!
Although she lost her sight overnight, nothing can stand in her way of revenge! #MLBBNewHero

The Video Voiceover is provided by MLBB’s Official Specially Invited Guest: iFlekzz

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48 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! New Hero |Wings of Vengance| Pharsa

  1. Mobile Legends OC Hero
    Jack the Ripper
    Role: Assassin
    Specialty: Charge, Reap

    Passive: Lust for Innards
    Jack increases his movement speed by (2 x base level) % and his attack speed by (3 x base level) % for 2 seconds in each nearby monster or minions killed and for 5 seconds in each nearby hero killed. The time of this skill stacks up to 20 seconds and if it reaches that limit, gains permanent additional 5% life steal in every basic attack and the stacks will be reset. When Alice is on the team, receive additional 10 pts to Physical ATK

    First Skill: Dark Alley
    Launches a Stream of Darkness which deals 200 (+ 50% of total Physical ATK) pts of Physical Damage. Enemy heroes hit by the stream lose nearby vision and all their allied vision for 1.8/2/2.3/2.5/2.8/3 seconds. Immobilized targets will receive additional 50 pts of Physical Damage while slowed target will receive additional 25 pts of Physical Damage.

    Second Skill: Bloody Laceration
    Jumps forward dealing 100 pts of Physical Damage and leaving the target “Bleeding”. Enemies with bleeding status will be inflicted with 2% of their total HP Pure Damage per 0.5 seconds for 3/5/8/10/13/15 times. Casting this skill again for the next 1 second will make Jack jump back to his original position.

    Ultimate: Ripping from Hell
    Jumps towards the nearest Enemy Hero and clings to him/her for 1/1.5/2 seconds. Recasting this skill will release the enemy dealing 300 (+100% of total Physical ATK) pts of Physical Damage and leaving him/her with bleeding status with effect similar to the skill level of Bloody Laceration. If there is a nearby enemy hero, Jack will transfer to that hero but could only inflict half the damage inflicted to the previous target. Jack could only transfer 1/1/2 times. If the time of clinging expires, Jack will just randomly jumps away from the target.


    Jack is just a simple human who fell in love with the Vampire Queen Alice. Wanting to impress her, he made a contract to the Hell Pit by sacrificing fresh innards of young ladies in exchange for power. He seduces women to come to him on the dark alleys of White Chapel City where he murdered them and harvested their internal organs. His constant sacrifice to Hell Pit grants him inhuman stealth and killing instinct which caught the queen’s attention. She summons the notorious killer to the land of dawn to become her ally and rip the heart and blood of another lady the Vampire Queen had failed to do before, Princess Pharsa.


    Hero Select:
    “I rip for her.”

    Hero Move:
    “I eat kidney for breakfast”
    “Have you seen my Dear Alice?”
    “They now call me a doctor? Ha ha!”
    “These are not claws, these are scalpels.”

    Hero Skill:
    “It’s RIPPING TIME!”

    Hero Death:
    “Back… to hell… Uuughh..”
    “Forgive me… my queen…”

  2. Hope Mobile Legends Make More Fascinating & Powerful Heroes Like Pharsa❤ Actually Shes One Of My Favorite Mage of all Perfect Escape Ability and Powerful Ultimate Which Distracts The Enemies When Clashing😉 Thats all love ya😂💕

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