Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang New Skin Major General – Yi Sun-shin!

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang New Skin Major General - Yi Sun-shin!

Major General – Yi Sun-shin! Mobile Legends New Skin COMING SOON!
Which hero skin are you waiting for? #MLBBNewSkin

35 thoughts on “Mobile Legends Bang Bang New Skin Major General – Yi Sun-shin!

  1. so eu que acho ruim que so os novatos ganham skins de graça?

    eu acho que eles poderiam ate botar umas skins para conprar com tickets por que pra comprar a maioria tem que comprar diamantes!

    mais tem algumas skins pra comprar com fragmentos bl achei ótimo mais é muito deficil de conseguir so ganha no Boa Sorte!

    da un UP pra eles ver ^ ^

    Only I think it's bad that only beginners get free skins?

    I think they could even put some skins to conpra with tickets because to buy the most have to buy diamonds!

    But there are some skins to buy with fragments bl I found great but it is very deficil to get only wins in Good Luck!

    Of the un * UP * for them to see ^ ^

  2. Gord is nerfed now. There are no notes in your patch about him being nerfed now. His slow bomb last no where near as long now. Keep nerfing characters without informing your player base, and see how long your game is around!

  3. I use yi sun shin a lot. When I heard that he is getting a skin, I was so freaking excited and I was expecting something badass because yi sun shin already looks badass and then we get this shit? it seems that you guys focused more on alpha's skin than this skin.This skin is the worst skin so far.

  4. cool skin but he needs a BUFF srsly he has the lowest attack power(110) its so sad no one is using him anymore. I feel like ppl only bought him for his global skill that miss 60% of the time😭

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