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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Starsoul Magician – Cyclops

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Starsoul Magician - Cyclops

Cyclops is a giant with only one eye, yes, at least he is in his own homeland. Cyclops were obsessed with stars and skies when he was little. He watched all days and nights and discovered the truth that planets were moving all the time.

As regard this kind of movements, it contains unbelievable magic power. With an hourglass to load and control this magic power, he became the famous ‘Star Magician’ on his homeland.

Planetary movements will never stop, hence his strength is extremely powerful and invincible, which, however, made him feel lonely. One day, Cyclops arrived at the Land of Dawn during his space travel and he found out in surprise that there were so many strong opponents waiting him to defeat. ‘I come, I see, I conquer!’ Said Cyclops.

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