Mon. May 10th, 2021

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang Sun NEW SKIN Rock Star

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang Sun NEW SKIN Rock Star

#MLBBNewSkin Sun – Rock Star. Don’t miss such a classic skin! Come and rock with the Rock N’ Roll super star!

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26 thoughts on “Mobile Legends Bang Bang Sun NEW SKIN Rock Star

  1. you guys transformed the monkey king to the king of pop that's cool ! also can I still get Alucard's skin firey inferno ?? I want it so bad but I don't know how to get it also can there be another way to earn diamonds ? because I can't pay and I can't get the skins I want :/

  2. OH MY GOD.. I WAS THINKING AND DREAMING OF THIS! I didn't suggest it, but..HERE IT FREAKING DAMN IS! Thanks MLBB Moderators! You mods are mind readers.. :l Anyways, I want Kagura Skin for Starlight or Minotaur Skin for like a Jungle Emperor Skin Category..and..that's all for today! No wait..Kagura Starlight Skin should be titled Warfared Senshi. Epic ehh? And Minotaur should have a nunchucks with moss and an armor with vines and flowers and it should have a helmet with a fern on it so it will look like as a Jungle/Meadow Emperor.

  3. oi mobile legends team fix your game if playing with other persom who is in another country is the cause of lag then fix it so people can play with other players in the same country. I mean if you are from Indonesia then the player that will be your allies or enemy came from the same country. remove the global matchmaking. lag make the game worst.

  4. Mobile legends!!!!! I was so happy when i heard all my friends say that mobile legends is having a rework on sun,my currently favourite,till i saw youtubers posting video and knew that it wasnt just buff but u also made it only have 2 clone at max!!! Im very fisappointed by that and sincerely hope that at least u can make the utimate skill same as the old one,plssssss….

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