Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang the Spirit of Navy: Yi Sun-shin

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang the Spirit of Navy: Yi Sun-shin

It’s said that the turtle ship that Yi Sun-shin takes comes from his passive skill. He should be very agile!
Those flying bombs fired from the base are Yi’s Ult, which will shoot three bombs toward every enemy hero on the map!
If used in a good timing, it must make the enemies panic!

20 thoughts on “Mobile Legends Bang Bang the Spirit of Navy: Yi Sun-shin

  1. This hero sucks, stop make it look good, such a waste of money, now i regret bought it, his first skill made so wrong that a fighter got a run away skill like that, in all your replay u show it being used the other direction just to catch up with the enemy.. u should rebuild his skill.. his second skill so hard to control for such tiny damage.. even NANA got bigger damage then him casting in such long times.. and for his ulti u just take zeus ulti and make it worse.. how can a fighter hero have ulti like that? his passive skill bleed? come on guys cant u think something better? this hero just look so good.. the worse fighter hero ini ML..

  2. yi sun shit, the character with 4, no 5 abilities. because the shit Koreans who make this game are biased. Charge shot, bleed damage, global cast, which adds slow, so if the first hits you, the others will as well. backward jump.. boats at the base for fast travel anddd you can stun with them. Koreans suck ass and nobody cares about that shit navy general. Global cast attack, even dota removed global from gyrocopter who needed a scepter to achieve global. Korean shits unbalanced the game. Racist Koreans with their fuckin moonface heads think theyre the best.

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