Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! TOP BLOOPERS OF THE WEEK #18

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang!  TOP BLOOPERS OF THE WEEK #18

The Video Voiceover is provided by MLBB’s Official Specially Invited Guest: Ask Respawn from the United States
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31 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! TOP BLOOPERS OF THE WEEK #18

  1. I remembered I was able to kill chou in my last hit hp bcs I used 2nd skill using freya lmao I got double kill too after that with low hp. Hilda was chasing me after I killed chou and thought she could kill me under turret bcs my hp is almost last hit attack but yeah. thanks for Freya's 2nd skill 😂😂😂

  2. One day I used Natalia, I was inside the tower and I did not move to look inactive, then Yun Zhao or Zilong comes and starts attacking me while the tower was attacking him, so I put the fog and realign him, I attacked him if He died lol I was a troll lol #Trollépic I was not lucky to record it !!!! Can you search my account? I'm Danii Star, I have a photo of Natalia from the new profiles they added, I'm Guerrero 2, a star, could you put it in one of your next videos? Please thanks!!

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