Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang! TOP Highlights Of The Week #16

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Mobile Legends: Bang bang!  TOP Highlights Of The Week #16

The Video Voiceover is provided by MLBB’s Official Specially Invited Guest: Ask Respawn from the United States
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44 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang bang! TOP Highlights Of The Week #16

  1. this game sucks so bad man, I don't know if there's any game that lags more than this game, they are never going to improve this game. I don't know who are the owners but fuck you all, so many people will quit this game, I can promise you that. I regret buying diamonds to buy skins, create a a squad, change my name and my squad name and all that. I should have spent my money on other games that's way better than this bulltshit game. They never fix the lag or what so ever. They only care about the money not the players

  2. This game is basically a horrible copy of Vainglory. They rush their game so fast that it doesn't even make any sense anymore, like bruh, calm the fuck down and stop making these new dumbass characters. Also, the quality of your game sucks too, the way they fight is stupid, their abilities are stupid.

  3. Please be fair, developers please please i beg you all will you PLEASE be fair at puting random players and put some fairness in each team by looking at their win rate its really hard to play i always get to be mvp in rank games but the bad thing is i always lose because ive got the noobessst afks players team mates its really hard to play carry 20 times in a row and getting defeated im so sick of ranking down because of this problem so will you please please please be fair my win rate before is 79 but now its 40+ because of this and i also know reporting a player with negative gameplay will not even work and  thats all i want, fairness to the game or you could just decrease the points higher so they will learn i beg all of you 20+ game i get always defeated and banned all the players who dont get serious while playing banned them for 1000000 days all of my hardwork all gone because of them my win rate in the game and my heroes win rate destroyed hope you will read this cause this is a huge problem for all the players

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