Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! TOP Highlights Of The Week #26

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! TOP Highlights Of The Week #26

Time for ✨#WeeklyHightlights✨ TOP5 #26!
#Fanny: 4v1? Easy peasy! 😏😏
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42 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! TOP Highlights Of The Week #26

  1. hey guys who's best the couple in your heart
    1.yunzhao and layla……. 1.zilong and alucard (gay)
    2estet and kagura
    3 alucard and miya..(btw i feel like odette is suitable for him too)
    4 lancelot and odette
    5 lapu-lapu and hilda
    6 nana and cyclops
    7.freya and gatotkaca
    erm….the rest i dont know …pls help me fill in

  2. The thumbnail make me crowd cause i like to play use kagura but i didnt have the special skin… 😢😢😢. Can i have one mobile legends? Plz. Heres my id and IGN
    ID: 46156626
    IGN: Magic_Tarigan's2017
    Level: 30

    I know i am not gonna get it. Oh if i didnt get it give this comment love plz mobile legends ! 😁

  3. Hello Mobile Legends! I would like to give a suggestion about Roger's Epic skin Dr Roger-o-Stein. The skin would look a lot more better if his lab coat was covered in blood so that it blends in with the Halloween theme. Please do consider my suggestion. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
    ~ A Mobile Legends player

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