Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang TOP Highlights Of The Week #7

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang TOP Highlights Of The Week #7

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44 thoughts on “Mobile Legends Bang Bang TOP Highlights Of The Week #7

  1. Hello Team of Mobile Legends,

    Is it possible to make Daily Quests like "win with fewer than 3 deaths in 1 round" or "get more than 10kills in 1 round". For each of the Quests you get 200-500battlepoints/Gold. Im really boried of Farming Gold because i lost my 1. Account with that i had Hayabusa and Natalia and now i started new, because my other mobile phone broke 🙁 I Hope it is possible to get in the new versions to get faster Gold
    Thanks for Reading it :)!
    Have a nice day!

  2. You guys totally need to punish some of rude players. I've been insulted from few past games. I was totally fine, not until they even brag my parent , swearing them died and talked bad bout my parent in "ALL " Chat section ,was totally outta manner. I was reporting those few player , and all I receive from ya feedback , was they'll only been watched ,monitoring in the future. and all i could do was cursing they future , was that what you expected?

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