Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends Fail/Funny & WTF Moments 04

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Mobile Legends Fail/Funny & WTF Moments 04

Top Funniest Fail/Funny & WTF moments in Mobile Legends.

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Disco Medusa

Galatic Damage – Youtube Video Library

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Merry Go
Pixel Peeker Polka – faster
Aurea Carmina
Marty gots a plan

Sad Violin Melody, Air Horn
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50 thoughts on “Mobile Legends Fail/Funny & WTF Moments 04

  1. The "Story of Never Giving Up" happened to my team once. We only had, like, three turrets remaining, and the enemy still have all of their turrets. All of them died at once, then we pushed mid (all three mid turrets destroyed). When they revived, we immediately went to the Lord, killed it, had it to assist us, then… we won! ^^
    …Only once because some people just like to Iniate Surrender. Ugh…

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