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Mobile Legends FUNNY MOMENTS !!! Aldous 300 IQ | Lucu

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Mobile Legends FUNNY MOMENTS !!! Aldous 300 IQ | Lucu

AYO guys bantu SUB ke CHANNEL INDO : Will EXE

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Just for fun guys πŸ˜€



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selamat menontonmoment funny di mobile legends dengan player yang memiliki iq tinggi wkwkw

happy watching this fanny have 300 IQ Genius Plays and moments in mobile legends inspired by mobile legends cinema and superhvh

β˜… DISCLAIMER: For all of our clips, we obtain permission or are allowed to use them under Fair Use. Every video used in this clip that was not recorded ourselves, we either obtained permission for, was given rights to use via a submission, or it is considered fair use, and we provide source & credit for all footage – you can find the links to all original sources & music in the description.
If anything was used in this video that you believe violates your copyright please email: – and we can work out an agreement.

Credits :
Kevin Macleod

just ask me lol

23 thoughts on “Mobile Legends FUNNY MOMENTS !!! Aldous 300 IQ | Lucu

  1. For those who wonder what's the songs (buat kalian yg penasaran laguny apa aja) :
    *) im sorry, 00:0000:10 idk the songs :/(gw gatau lagunya :/)
    1) 00:1000:25 real stuff by marcus svedin
    2) 0:260:50 Undertale OST: 024-bonetroutle
    3) 0:511:03 im sorry i couldn't find it, please help each other okay πŸ™‚ (maaf ga ketemu, saling membantu ya πŸ™‚ )
    4) 1:041:32 mario kart ds-waluigi pinball [Eurobeat remix]
    5) 1:351:48 Kevin Macleod-take a chance
    6) 1:482:08 Secure the beat 2 by Andreas Jamsheree
    7) 2:122:20 Kevin Macleod glee club polka
    8) 2:212:38 Carlton Lees-I just know it
    9) 2:422:48 Kevin Macleod-mistake the gateaway
    10) 2:575:02 kirby-gourmet race
    11) 5:025:08 GTA san andreas theme song
    12) 5:085:55 Burn out by Adua Blaize
    13) 5:557:00 Beiba-Mi Fiesta
    14) 7:00 – END Jubilation by Gavin Luke-[Swing, House music]
    heres the link (ini linknya):
    3) im sorry πŸ™ (maaf ya πŸ™ )

    Help each okay πŸ™‚ Help to tell the song mr. will :] ThankyouπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ (saling membantu ya πŸ™‚ bantu kasi tau lagunya ya bang will :] MakasihπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™)

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