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Mobile Legends Funny Moments | OMG Edition 56

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Mobile Legends Funny Moments | OMG Edition 56

Welcome you’ve come to MobileLegendsTube (FunnyMtube), this will be a channel specializing in MobileLegends funny omg moments in the game #MobileLegendsomg , hope you support.

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Who i’am

I’M ajay from MobileLegendsTube ,i’m the creator of the classic and ranked advantages series, I started playing MobileLegends since 2016 with my friends…this is my 1st channel where i played games and edit Them in my own meme-Y Style ,hope you enjoy my adventures as well
also My MobileLegends names ID : ||Unxptedninja||
ID : Yt Omg
My videos take a lot of time to produce, subscribe so you to not miss
Here I used music
Music (
Savage:ES No sugar coated love [ oomiee remix]
ES one last battle
ES body work
ES Giltz At Ritz
ES Life of cowboy
ES Hobby Horse
ES Chased by the dog
ES Ten Feet [Daxten Remix]
ES Thrilling Moments
ES shake down
ES in the fire
Anime Eurobeat clips:

check :::::Turbo::::

Thanks To all Viewers and Subscribers to Sending me Your Videos and Supporting me 👍 !!! ” Have a Nice Day ” !!!

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