Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Mobile Legends WTF | Funny Moments Episode 05: EZ game

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Mobile Legends WTF | Funny Moments Episode 05: EZ game

Welcome you’ve come to SuperHVH, this is my second channel: SuperHVH Blue, it will be a channel specializing in funny moment videos in the game #MobileLegends Bang Bang. Please continue to support me!
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35 thoughts on “Mobile Legends WTF | Funny Moments Episode 05: EZ game

  1. I remember when i was playing as Nana in frenzy they would always ambush me but one time i got away when i was about to die Nana's passive saved me i hid in the bush and they saw me I didn't fight back so they thought I wasn't there and then they left i was laughing the whole time and i even said it to the enemy team eudora and Irithel (the enemy team) and they were like "wait wut?"

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