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Mobile Legends WTF MOMENTS (2020)Funny #1

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Mobile Legends WTF MOMENTS (2020)Funny #1

39 thoughts on “Mobile Legends WTF MOMENTS (2020)Funny #1

  1. JC GAMING, it's been past 3 days and still, you haven't posted the winners of the skin giveaway in February. You said, that you would publish it in a later video but I'm noticing no follow-ups on what you asserted.

  2. Omg I liked the kufra part soo muchh that is the coolest play ever like 😂😂😂
    RIP :wanwan's savage
    and wow kufra savage😂😂lol
    Ign: amazingfire
    Skin: asmestic dance ✨❤️
    Thanks for uploading this funny video😂 made my 🌃 nightlol ..

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