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Be sure to watch the MOONTON EPICON 2019 live here.

As Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has grown to over 75 million active users worldwide, we will be revealing the newly revamped Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, our upcoming exciting esports & market plan and also our new games.

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47 thoughts on “MOONTON EPICON 2019 – 18TH JULY 2019

  1. i hope the sound environment too in ML for more realistic experience
    *needed earphones*,
    since they upgrade it all to more look refreshing right? why not !!

    ahahaha am i the only one here?
    and yes the night time and morning mode too ! every ETC minutes. .
    and we hope the TOWER is getting harder now in this coming
    MLBB 2.0 to more Amazing intensifying fight !!!!! . 👍

    this is my little favor to you moonton
    moonton if u read this just do this. . .
    Come on. . . League of legends Mobile is coming. . . what if soon dota 2 release a mobile version ?
    that would be lit and sad right. . . so lets go 😂

  2. moonton…. its great that you have made it this far…. but dont you thin you should balance each and every hero before season 13 ends??? i kinda want to play a game where everything has equity and equality of the game…. thats just my opinion how to improve the game a lot more

  3. مرحبا مونتون ان أغنية اتحاد 515 ماخوذة من أغنية موجودة في لعبة legend of legends ان في امر لا يصلح منك ان تاخذ أغنية اللعبة في فرقة K/DA لان أغنية اتحاد 515 تشبه هذه الاغنية الموجودة في لعبة legend of legends و شكرًا

  4. Hi. Can there be tasks in which we can earn diamonds bit by bit.. Not all of us can afford expensive skins. And please make epic cinematic videos of ML heroes just like League of Legends cause we will be glad to see it. Thanks

  5. Some of us haven’t got the chance to complete the zodiac summoning of our loved heroes or time had run out for that zodiac skin. We are hoping that ML would let previous zodiac skins be bought on the shop. Or let the all zodiac skins be available on the shop after all 12 are released.

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