Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

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MPL Chillax Ep. 8 – Battle of the Brains

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MPL Chillax Ep. 8 - Battle of the Brains

The previous weeks of #MPLPH got more heated because of the in-game TPs! What do the coaches think of it? Don’t miss this exciting episode of #MPLChillax because we’ll be joined by Coach Arcadia of AURA Philippines, Coach Ynot of Omega Esports, Coach Dogie of Nexplay Esports, and Coach Lift ng Work Auster Force!

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36 thoughts on “MPL Chillax Ep. 8 – Battle of the Brains

  1. Please implement the role selection. It has been frustrating to enter matches with two or three people in the same role and spoiling the overall experience of the game.

    Suggestion: The player makes a pre-selection of his preference (gold, exp, jungle) and then is paired.

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