Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

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MPL-ID S6 Week 1 Day 1 [Bahasa Indonesia Live]

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MPL-ID S6 Week 1 Day 1 [Bahasa Indonesia Live]

Jadwal pertandingan Minggu ke-1 Hari ke-1 00:00

GEEK FAM vs RRQ Hoshi: ⏰ 15.30 WIB
Match 1 – 51:51
Match 2 – 1:37:27

Genflix Aerowolf vs Bigetron Alpha: ⏰ 18.30 WIB
Match 1 – 3:40:05
Match 2 – 4:22:55
Match 3 – 5:22:05

Nikmati keseruan aktivasi berhadiah menarik dan produk pilihan untuk gaming dari Bank Mandiri, cek

Buka Mandiri Tabungan Now, cek (kode marketing : MPL)

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32 thoughts on “MPL-ID S6 Week 1 Day 1 [Bahasa Indonesia Live]


    I speak to you like this not because for myself alone, I speak from every single player of yours. First and foremost, stop making files or creating a little out of something, or adding a little touches that makes the file, the system larger and heavier. Most of your constituents uses budget phones, even mid range phones that doesnt support allof your updates. That cant run every single bytes that your system has added for an update. We are happy playing thia game by just as it was yesterday(since it was first play) maybe some upgrades are cooler but try not to make it bigger and heavier for our phones to run. Cause the joy we had when we first play this game is slowly fading because of the irratating plays because of lags. And why add so many heroes when there are many heroes right there. We can only use 10 heroes per game, plus 6 bans, so is it not enough?? So please, make MLBB an enjoyable again with us user. And please bring backs the other graphics settings.
    Hope this will be attended by yours Thankyou for the game, Godbless!

  2. yg umur 10-16 like👍

    yg umur 17-30 koment💬

    hai kak🙌 aku punya cita cita ngebahagiain kedua orang tua🥺 dengan cara jadi YouTuber🤗 bantu aku dong SUBCRIBE channel ini, gak maksa ko yang iklas aja😁🥺😊☺️😘

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