Fri. May 7th, 2021

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MPL-ID S7 Playoffs Day 2 [English]

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MPL-ID S7 Playoffs Day 2 [English]

ONIC Esports will face Bigetron Alpha in today’s opening match! If one of them lose must down to the lower bracket and face Genflix Aerowolf. Meanwhile, EVOS Legends is waiting for the Upper Bracket Final!

28 thoughts on “MPL-ID S7 Playoffs Day 2 [English]

  1. Hello ML people. Can you please bring the old Saber 2019 back? Please bring back his animation, voice and effect. The 2021 Saber is just too cartoony. I have stopped using him since you updated him. I have most of his skin but I don't want to use Saber now, I can not take his new animation, his walk, skill effects and voice.
    Please hear us. Thanks

  2. Someone shut momochan down from commentating she it a complete disastrous speaker omg she is such a vibe killer with dat measurable english dat she spits ughhhhh!

    Too unprofessional……oio!

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