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MPL-ID S7 Week 5 Day 1 [English]

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MPL-ID S7 Week 5 Day 1 [English]

The fifth week is opened by Genflix Aerowolf who will try to win points from Bigetron Alpha to get away from the bottom of the standings!

Then, Alter Ego, who has had a bad week, is ready to fight against GEEK FAM to get back to the top of the standings!

14 thoughts on “MPL-ID S7 Week 5 Day 1 [English]

  1. if you wanna learn from AE playstyle: they always check SPECIFIC and PRECISE conditions that they prepared so well (difference of gold, exp, item, minion wave, positioning, rotation, how much their HP left, their skill and enemies' skills cooldown, etc.) that's why most of the time they can escape with a low hp. i don't think it's luck, it's kinda calculated. then if they got their specific and precise conditions, they call for force push and dive. also, it's fine if ever someone will die on their side as long as they get objectives, and will force enemies to go back to the base. which will also delay the enemies, and make them vulnerable. another one, they're good in distracting enemies. and lastly, one of the most important aspect is that their comms are great.

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