Fri. May 7th, 2021

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MPL-ID S7 Week 7 Day 1 [English]

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MPL-ID S7 Week 7 Day 1 [English]

The Alter Ego vs Bigetron Alpha meeting will be the opening match of the 7th week! Both teams will try hard to secure full points to get to the top of the standings!

Next, there will be a bottom-up battle between GEEK FAM vs AURAFIRE! Even though AURAFIRE has no chance to go to the playoffs, it will not just give up and be ready to give its best, so GEEK FAM will not leave a single point in order to make it to the playoffs!

40 thoughts on “MPL-ID S7 Week 7 Day 1 [English]

  1. Assalamualaikum. Saya ada masalah. Ini akun MOBILE LEJENS: BANG BANG saya dipakek temen. Tapi temen saya gak bilang bilang. Gimana supaya temen saya tidak bisa memgakses akun saya lagi. Dan akun Mobile Lejens:BANG BANG. Terkait sama akun fb dan untungnya saya masih bisa mengakses akun mlbb saya tersebut

  2. why do they call any kill a shutdown? the commentators retarded or something? the death after getting 3 kill is called shut down.. but no, here if someone dies even after having 0-5-0 these commentators will call it a shutdown, how hilarious xD

  3. I'm not saying that these casters are bad or something but I think Moonton should stop being greedy and take Casters who can talk better English than the ones here. Because ppl are listening too right it's like we have to multitask watch game and also properly understand what these casters are talking. Sometimes they talk out of the topic , it's like they use two or three English words repeatedly. Idk Montoon hope ure generous to find new one's. Thanks you.

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