Fri. May 7th, 2021

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MPL-ID S7 Week 8 Day 2 [English]

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MPL-ID S7 Week 8 Day 2 [English]

EVOS Legends will meet Bigetron Alpha on the second day, both teams will try their best to win full points to get the upper bracket slot!

Meanwhile, Genflix Aerowolf will fight AURAFIRE. To secure its position, Genflix Aerowolf must get full points from AURAFIRE!

Today’s closing match will bring ONIC Esports vs Alter Ego! ONIC Esports who want to take the top position will try to win full points, but it won’t be easy because Alter Ego wants to get their revenge!

12 thoughts on “MPL-ID S7 Week 8 Day 2 [English]

  1. Omg Momochan needs to stop, she's talking too much nonsense. Mirko and Gonie did a really good job there and I noticed the boys were always trying to support her or correct her so she didn't end up embarrassing herself. Not to mention that her pronunciation is a joke

  2. Again this boring caster "momochan" i don't care if u were commentating since season 1 … Who cares 😂 get a freaking english class or just sit still and enjoy the game or go to bahasa casting… Gosh she is a vibe killer…..

  3. *not to be sexist or mean
    But pls momochan read this as feedback .hype up the atmossphere and keeps calling the wrong plays like its just such an atmosphere kller when theres a huge teamfight and theres someone spouting untrue atatements louder than the actual comments from the boys

    Furthermore, she in constantly shouting what no matter what happens and sounds like some astounded newbie who just started playing the game whereas the boys sound like veterans who understand the concepts of tbe game instead of just shouting at every play and movement that happen(example she just keeps saying the players names and the spell used like who even needs to hear that?)
    Its obvious that even the boys are covering so hard for her whenever she starts to say something thats nonsensical the boys immedietely will say something else and cut her off

    Sometiimes she really does a good job hyping up the atmosphere hut but mostly its just extra comments that are not needed

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