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MPL-PH Season 6 | Regular Season Week 6 Highlights

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MPL-PH Season 6 | Regular Season Week 6 Highlights

Week 6 of MPL-PH Season 6 was full of skillful plays 🀩 and unbelievable executions πŸ”₯

Here are the most LEGENDARY moments of the week!

Starting off with Hadjizy of Omega with his Ling: after taking down πŸ’ͺ the last middle inhibitor turret, he went straight to work and locked πŸ”’ onto the Bren Esports players, striking down 4 out of the 5 players to earn a maniac. Onto unbelievable executions, 😱 is what Killuash of Aura PH did with his Chou. 😏 Utilizing his sharp wit and low HP, he successfully pulled off the perfect bait causing Blacklist to overcommit and be punished for it! 😎 Lastly, Karltzy from Bren Esports made good work with Lancelot, 🀺 expertly taking out NXP Solid’s backline to prevent them from defending against a final Lord push. 🀯

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31 thoughts on “MPL-PH Season 6 | Regular Season Week 6 Highlights

  1. I see a new patch and update on the new/advanced server and for my opinion it is so unfair for Ruby! Ruby cannot deal damage if there are no allies around her and now MLBB nerfed her? Wth, it is so unfair. They just change ruby's animation but the damage still the same so don't complain for my opinion about nerfing ruby, scythe is for assasin not for defending team mates, plus if MLBB wants Ruby to be tank, her life steal must be high because Ruby DOES NOT GENERATE SHIELDS LIKE THE NORMAL TANKS DOES. I seen a lot of people thinks ruby enters the meta because her skill animation changed, but in the matter of fact, the poor damage of her before is still the same as now and then they will nerf her soon like wth. Scythe symbolizes grim reaper and it was known for death, so this is confusing that her scythe is used for defense not to make damage. Ruby must be a damage dealer not a dumb defender.

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